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How could a WILLOW or a CATKIN Notebook get any better? Make it a TWIN CATKIN!

Instead of just the one pocket of the Catkin, the Twin Catkin has customisable pockets in both the Front and the Back!

It also comes with all-round EDGE-STITCHING as standard! The stitching is all by hand, stitch by stitch, the old way – no machines involved, just hand, eye, needle and thread.

The Twin Catkin retains all the properties of the Willow and the Catkin – the same leather, the dyed and burnished edges, the wide selection of dyes which will be applied, by hand to both the outside and the inside of your cover (just let me know if you want the inside left natural)

The pockets will have been carefully cut and dyed by hand and hand-stitched onto the cover with the best waxed Tiger thread. You can even specify the shape of the pocket (see photo of choices available above).

The cover and the pocket are available in a wide variety of colours.

As with my other ranges, you are able to specify a multitude of options to personalise your journal cover.

It is hand-crafted, from the finest eco-friendly vegetable tanned leathers. The leather used is real genuine full-grain, the most sought after section of leather. Most of the dyes used are low VOC environmentally-friendly, which are genuinely appreciated by the conscientious planet-aware consumer. The waxes used to provide a top level protection to the item are also natural materials.

All the journal covers, no matter which size you pick will come with 4 ELASTICS INSIDE, with a SPINE MOUNTED ELASTIC CLOSURE. Extra elastic will be enclosed so that if you want to loop in extra refills you may do so with the same colour.


If you would like your name pyrographed onto the front of your journal cover, I can do this for you. Please see this item:

The Twin Catkin already comes with all-round edge stitching, but if you would also like a hand-stitched spine, which has been popular on the Mulberry range, please take a look at this listing:

Purchase this option if you would like a credit card size pocket added to your TN.


SELECT THE SIZE of the journal you need from the DROP-DOWN MENU.

A7 fits 105 x 74mm (4.1” x 2.9”) Generic A7 sizes
PASSPORT: fits 124 x 89mm (4.88" x 3.5") Great for Midori Passport
POCKET: fits 140 x 90mm (5.5" x 3.5") Wide range available incl. Field Notes, Moleskine, Rhodia, Calepino)
A6: fits 148 x 105mm (5.82" x 4.13") Nice generic size, refills widely available
PERSONAL fits 171 x 95mm (6.73" x 3.74") For the Midori Personal size journal
B6 (ISO) fits 176 x 128mm (6.9" x 5.03") For International Standard B6 size
B6 (JIS) fits 180 x 127mm (7.08" x 5") For Japanese Standard B6 size.
REGULAR fits 210 x 110mm (8.26" x 4.33") Ideal for Midori Travelers Regular
SLIM: fits 210 x 115mm (8.26" x 4.52") Ideal for Moleskine Slim.
CAHIER: fits 210 x 127mm (8.26" x 5”) Moleskine Large Cahier
A5 fits 210 x 148mm (8.26" x 5.82") Nice generic size, refills widely available
B5 fits 257 x 182mm (10.12" x 7.17") For Japanese Standard B5 size.

The sizes shown cover the most popular refills, however, I am able to make journal covers to the size you need, just contact me via Etsy to see if your design is possible.

SELECT THE COLOUR of your journal from the DROP-DOWN MENU.

Please be aware that the colours you see in the chart may differ from screen to screen - exact colour reproduction is impossible. Also, one piece of leather may take on dye differently from the next.

NOTE: By default, the inside of your cover will be dyed the same colour as the outside.
OPTION: I can also leave the interior in it's natural state if you would rather. Let me know in the notes.

YOU CAN STOP THERE IF YOU ARE IN A RUSH TO ORDER - the options below all have defaults, so I can make your journal and it will still look and work wonderfully... but if you would like to personalise your journal a little further - free of any extra charge, then please read on.

So what will my Default Cover look like?:
(See also the photo above.)

The Cover the size and colour of your choice (also dyed inside). Exterior finished with polish.
Secretarial Pocket stitched to both Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover (dyed to same colour as cover).
Perimeter of Cover fully stitched by hand in a complimentary colour
Leather edges dyed with complimentary colour and sealed.
No pen loop.
Logo Stamp on the back cover.
Standard overhang.
No name tag.
4 suspension elastics and a closure elastic loop.
Elastic colours chosen by me. If that doesn't suit, you'll need to let me know your choice.


Default is NONE
If you want a pen loop, tell me the direction for it to be sewn. Either facing IN towards the cover's spine (it is soft leather and flexes out when a pen is installed), OR Out (in the opposite direction, ie sticking out at the side of the cover).

Tell me if the size of the loop, either Small, Medium or Large, to suit the size of pen you use. (Most choose the Medium)

Tell me where you want the loop positioned up the side – either half way up (same as elastic closure) or ¾ up (between closure elastic and top of cover).

I can sew the loop on either the inside front or inside back of the cover.

If you give me incomplete information for the loop, but indicate you want one, I will sew it on the Inside Back Cover, facing IN, ¾ way up, Medium.

Pen Loop Size Guide (approx)
Small to fit Pen Diameter: 8mm; Circumference 25mm
Medium to fit Pen Diameter: 14mm; Circumference 44mm
Large to fit Pen Diameter: 18mm; Circumference 56mm

Tell me if you want the Meadowgate Leather Logo Stamp on the rear of the cover.
Default is WITH the stamp.

Tell me the overhang you need
Default is STANDARD

The overhang is the amount of leather projecting beyond the left/right hand edges of the paper inside - with four average sized journal refills loaded (approx 34 leaves each). The more you pack in, the larger the overhang you’ll want.

STANDARD: Approx 10mm
ULTRA: Approx 17mm (If you really want to fill that journal jam pack full, or are using slightly thicker journals.)
EXTREME: Approx 23mm (OK, this is over the top, but some folks want to do wild things with their journals :-) )

Refer to photo of Pocket Styles.
The Twin Catkin comes with stitched-in Pockets front and back. You may specify their shape and of course, feel free to mix and match!.

Pocket Shape:
Straight (the pocket opening runs parallel to the cover’s edge).

Secretarial (the pocket has a curve which is broader at the bottom and finishes on the top edge of the cover near the corner).

Boarding Pass (the pocket has a curve which is broader at the bottom and finishes on the side edge of the cover, allowing documents to be retrieved from the top, or allow longer papers such as boarding cards to protrude from the top).

Tell me if you want a FREE name tag.
Default is NONE

WITH: If you would like a stamped leather name tag fitted to the closure band, tell me the name you want - please check the spelling as I cannot change it once made! The lettering will be in 5mm high upper case only. Please try and keep to a maximum of about 12 letters due to space limitations (remember that the smaller TNs have even less room)
BLANK: This will be an unstamped piece of leather in the same colour as the cover

Tell me which elastic colour you want.
Default is I will choose the best available colour compliment.

This will be used as both the Closure Elastic and for the Suspension Elastics. I will also enclose some spare elastic which you can either use to make extra suspension loops or for future repair.

Note: These elastics are all approx 2mm in diameter.

Choose from an elastic colour shown on the Colour Chart Photo.

Choose from a thread colour shown on the Colour Chart Photo.

To make it easier to list the many options, you may find it quicker to CUT AND PASTE THE SECTION BENEATH INTO THE 'NOTES TO SELLER' PART OF YOUR ORDER and then fill in your choices.

If you're ordering on your phone or tablet and have a problem copying and pasting - no worries, just list your options under the headings shown below.


None / Facing In / Facing Out
Small / Medium / Large:
Midway / 3/4 up
Inside Front / Inside Back

WIDTH / OVERHANG: Standard / Ultra / Extreme

Inside Front Cover:
Secretarial / Boarding Pass / Straight

Inside Back Cover:
Secretarial / Boarding Pass / Straight

TAG: None / Blank / Name (State Name if required)


THREAD Colour:



That will be all the info I need to get your Notebook Cover made.

Thank you for looking.

The leather used is the best, but as leather is a natural product, it should be expected to have some marks, scars and blemishes within it, all inherited from that animal's life (just like our own skin). These variations just go to make up the back-story of the journal - the fact that one mark may be where it scratched against a tree or was bitten by an insect, I think is amazing.

You have probably seen leathers in quality shops which are perfectly smooth - this is because that precious top layer has been carefully removed and a synthetic finish applied. So what you are getting here is in fact the genuine, undoctored thing.

Not everyone wants the biggest brand marks on their TN, so I do attempt to avoid these, but it’s not always possible as sometimes they are almost invisible until the item has been dyed or polished!

If you really want a branding mark on your TN, I may be able to find a piece of leather to suit (no guarantee though). Just ask me when ordering to try and find a mark. These can really make your TN stand out as a very distinctive item (not that it isn’t anyway).

The dying of the item is also all by hand, so do expect some variation across the piece. Some colours make more of a variation than others. Do expect sometimes greater variations between the outer cover and the internal pockets / wallet sections. Not only are they made from different hides, they are very different thicknesses and also possess different absorbency rates.

Undyed items will be supplied with their surfaces undyed, without wax, polish or suchlike, as I appreciate purchasing an item 'in the raw' as such is usually because you will want to experience the evolution the leather will undergo over the weeks, months and years as it is exposed to handling and sunlight. However, I would recommend that at some point, the leather is fed with a proprietary leather treatment to keep it supple and to resist cracking. Be aware that any application will darken the leather. I’ll leave it to you to decide when is best.

Note that this listing is for the leather cover and doesn't include refills.

A Note on Shipping.
I try and use the mailing method that will get your item to you as quickly and as reliably as possible but at a reasonable cost to you. In the UK, this is usually Royal Mail First Class or Ist Class Signed. Overseas, it will usually be via the International Tracked & Signed Service. Smaller items are likely to go Airmail to save you money.

All Overseas mailing will contain a Cus Form (where required) with correct weight and value. If any Import Charge is made upon the package, you will be responsible for this payment. You may wish to familiarise yourself with the import tax levels for your locality before ordering.

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with this Etsy shop's policies before ordering.

Handmade item
  • Materials: real genuine leather, veg tan leather, elastic cord, leather dye, leather wax, para cord, full grain leather, waxed thread
  • Made to order
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    TWIN CATKIN Traveller's Notebook range. Midori Field 353684687739

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